The beautiful country of the Maldives welcomes everyone with open arms. Accordingly the Maldives is one of the easiest countries in terms of visa and immigration arrangements. Any tourist from any nationality is granted a free 30 day visa on arrival to the Maldives. Hence, there is no need for you to undergo any hassle with regards to obtaining prior visa. Once you reach the port, our event coordinators will assist you with the visa procedures.

Obtaining Tourist Visa

The free 30 day visa is granted upon complying with the following procedures:

  • Visitor should have a valid passport or travel document authorized by a sovereign state.
  • Visitor should have a valid return ticket to exit the Maldives.
  • Visitor should have the financial capacity to cover the expenses for the duration of the stay or a confirmed reservation from a tourist Hotel or Resort in the Maldives. The financial capacity is measured by US$100 + $50 dollars per day.

  • Extending Tourist Visa

    The free 30 day visa period can be extended for a further 60 days, totaling 90 days including the original free visa period of 30 day.

    To extend the Tourist Visa the following procedures should be followed:
    • Extension application should be made through the “Visa Extension Application Form” to the Department of Immigration and Emigration, before the expiry of the free 30 days visa.
    • Department of Immigration and Emigration will re-evaluate the financial capacity of the applicant.
    • A fee of MVR 750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Rufiyaa) will be levied for visa extension.

    Entry Procedure

    Sail Maldives Rally Entry Requirement

    If you would like to join Sail Maldives for 2017 please email us and we will include you on our mailing list and send you the latest information. Your Entry Form is available from our web site. Entry Forms will be sent out on request beginning in early September of each year. The Entry Fee for 2017 is planned be $650 USD, this is a "one off" fee with no more to pay and will includes the cost of your Cruising permit and every person on your yacht. It includes English speaking ground support as you cross Maldives plus entry and exit support, and Temporary Import and Exit documentation for your yacht, there are no other fees or charges.

    NOT INCLUDED in your Visa Extensions, Departure Taxes, Port Charges, and Additional Tours, On Shore Accommodation or Marina Fees.
    For Maldives Immigration and Visa Regulations as well as the application process, please see the Information page of this web site. When send your Entry Form back to us you will need to include scanned copies of the following items:-

    • 1. A scan of your yacht's Registration Certificate.

    • 2. Your Crew List, listing every person on your yacht with their next of kin details.

    • 3. A scan of the details page of every person who will be on your yacht, please note that it is an Maldives Immigration requirement that all passports must have at least 6 months validity from your proposed entry date into Maldives

    • 4. A "Passport Style" photograph of the Captain only, a photograph taken with a plain light colored background will be OK.

    • 5. A photograph of your yacht, with the yacht name clearly visible.

    • 6. A list of the places that you plan to visit as you cross Maldives. If you do not wish to plan your own route through Maldives we can give you a sailing route beginning from your entry port that follows the rally route across Maldives. This route will allow you to visit all other places in Maldives from your entry port through to your last port where you check out of Maldives.

    We understand there are limits on onboard email systems, as there are new systems coming on line from time to time when you email us please let us know if you are using email with download limits and also give us an address where we can send attachments.

    We try to answer all emails within one day and if you do not receive a quick reply please resend your email. If you email us from onboard your yacht please make sure that we are on your 'White List" so we can reply to you.